Sample Resolution Language


The Resolution for 21st Century Learning below was passed by the Anaheim Union High School District in 2011 and can be used as a sample resolution to introduce to your own school districts for adoption.



_______________ SCHOOL DISTRICT



California Coalition for 21st Century Learning



__________, 2013

Whereas, The ____________ School District is committed to ensuring that all children receive a quality education that prepares them for success in the 21st century and enables them to graduate high school, college and career ready;

Whereas, America’s students are falling behind our global competitors in international assessments such as the PISA International Student Assessment) which measures higher order thinking, problem solving and communication;

Whereas, the continued growing knowledge and skill gap between the United States and its foreign competitors represents a threat to our sustainability as a world economic power;

Whereas, eighteen states, including California, have adopted P21 as a vision for education;

Whereas, several Fortune 500 Corporations, including the Walt Disney Corporation, Dell, Intel, Apple Computer as well as the California PTA and the National Educators Association are supporting P21 as a framework for America;

Whereas, a 21st-century education requires skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, for students to acquire global awareness, financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy; civic literacy; health literacy; and environmental literacy;

Whereas, The next generation of ________’s and America’s leaders and citizens must be prepared to solve great challenges both domestically and globally;

Whereas, Rapid technological advances and the information age are shrinking the world, exponentially enlarging access of all peoples to essential knowledge, concepts, and ideas, and connecting Americans to their counterparts across the globe;

Whereas, American Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small businesses, increasingly need employees with ability to problem solve, collaborate and  communicate in world languages to market products to customers domestically and globally:

Whereas, More than _______ different languages are spoken in the homes of District students, representing a rich and diverse environment that can benefit students as they are trained together to succeed in a global society;

Whereas, It is a major function of the Nation’s schools to prepare America’s students for college, career, and civic engagement in the 21st century;

Whereas, the recently signed bill, AB 250, requires the teaching of the 4Cs, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking in every classroom every day;

Whereas, The California Center for 21st Century Education  supports teaching a whole, well-rounded curriculum to all students including English-Language Arts, Mathematics, History-Social Science, Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Health, Career Technical Education Pathways and World Languages to prepare all students for college, career and civic engagement in the 21st century;

Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the ____________ School District supports the Partnership for 21st Century Education (P21) and its goals;

Resolved further, That the district transmits this resolution of support to all stakeholders including: site administrators, certificated and classified employees, students, parents, and community leaders; and additionally, under the leadership of the superintendent, develop a task force assessing best practices supporting 21st Century education so that ____________ district students can achieve at the highest levels to ensure that our society remain strong and our state and nation can sustain its global competitiveness.

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