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The California Center for 21st Century Education is a non-profit group of educators, parents, students, and community members seeking to position the youth of the state for the opportunities of the future with crucial high-level skills acquired today in K-12 education across the state.

It is an outgrowth of the group formed to advocate for passage of the 2011 Curriculum Reform Act. That group was known as the California Partnership for 21st Century Learning working group.


La Opinión, July 28, 2013

Voice of OC: “Community Editorial: Anaheim Can Be the First P21 City in U.S.”

The Anaheim City Council Meeting, October 22, 2013

Mayor Tom Tait’s State of the City Address, January 29, 2014 (mention of P21)

We did it!

OC Register, March 27, 2014: Guest Columnist Mayor Tom Tait “From the Mayor: Help City Hall provide life skills for students”

  • school-council-student-hi

    For more than 150 years, Anaheim has been a destination for young visionaries seeking the opportunity to put their innovation, creativity and energies to work.

    While the world has changed in the century and a half since our city founders turned barren land into a thriving vineyard, that desire to lead Anaheim into a bright new future remains. So it is no surprise that 200 of Anaheim’s finest high school students recently attended a City Council meeting to request that Anaheim …

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