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“We are proud community members affiliated with Kennedy High School in Anaheim Union High School District. We want to express our support for Partnership for 21st Century Education that promotes the teaching of the 4Cs — Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication — in every classroom across all courses for every student. The P21 frameworks have been embraced by the California State Department of Education and now California is the 18th P21 state in the USA.

We are petitioning to support Mayor Tom Tait’s initiative to be the first city in the state to endorse P21 so that local businesses, community organizations, and city officials can better support and collaborate with our schools through internships and other creative partnerships that are aligned with the P21 Framework.

In addition to the 4C’s, we want the city to embrace a 5th C, Character. We believe that Character, the qualities of honor, kindness, and moral integrity are vital to the growth of all citizens and believe that the city of Anaheim should promote the 5 Cs in all civic engagement.

Thank you,”


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Latest Signatures
29Michelle LeeStudentSep 25, 2013
28Kaiti ChildersadultSep 13, 2013
27Patricia TillahStudentSep 11, 2013
26Shiv BhaktaSep 10, 2013
25Amy StatonAdultSep 05, 2013
24Colin Cornforth AdultSep 05, 2013
23Kimberly DofredostudentAug 27, 2013
22Rebecca FangonilStudentAug 27, 2013
21Clarissa FangonilStudentAug 27, 2013
20Steve KimStudentAug 27, 2013
19Dayi JeongStudentAug 27, 2013
18Elaine FangonilAdultAug 27, 2013
17Iris ChinStudentAug 27, 2013
16Jay YooStudentAug 27, 2013
15Esther YooStudentAug 27, 2013
14Brandon KimStudentAug 27, 2013
13Grace YouStudentAug 27, 2013
12Jade FangoneilStudentAug 27, 2013
11Susan KimMr. PfeifferAug 26, 2013
10Denise Baltazarstudent Aug 26, 2013
9Summer NguyenStudentAug 23, 2013
8Arlene TranStudentAug 22, 2013
7Amy MuStudentAug 22, 2013
6Jose MorenoParentAug 17, 2013
5Jackie CountsAdultAug 16, 2013
4Rosie CardozaAdultAug 09, 2013
2Trevine FernandoAdultJul 30, 2013
1Sean Pfeifferadult resident/teacherJul 25, 2013

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