Laguna Hills High School — Petition for P21 Learning


“We are proud members of the Laguna Hills High School community in Saddleback Valley Unified School District, and want to express our support for the 2011 law, AB 250, sponsored by State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, that requires the teaching of the 4Cs — Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication — in every classroom across all courses for every student.

We want an education that prepares students in the 4Cs in order to be better citizens and workers with real-world skills. Yet, according to a 2013 national study of young workers and college students, less than 40% of high school graduates say they learn the 4Cs in today’s schools that lack 21st Century curriculum.

Too many students are graduating high schools who are prepared for multiple choice tests in an essay world.

Pass the P21 resolution so we’ll be better prepared for college, careers, and life!

Thank you,”

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Latest Signatures
7Jackie CountsAdultAug 16, 2013
6Jake PickettStudentAug 05, 2013
5Mike MatsudaadultJul 31, 2013
4Darlene MessingerAdultJul 27, 2013
3Christina KingstudentJul 27, 2013
2Kevin CalvertStudentJul 27, 2013
1Azita MokhtariadultJul 24, 2013

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